Life to the Bitter Soul

A Sermon Series on the Book of Job

Fourth Sermon of Life to the Bitter Soul

The ending to the book of Job looks awfully Disney. It's just so perfect and all so neatly tied in a bow. What do three princesses and their daddy riding off in the sunset have to say to our soul? Listen in below for a look at the ending to the book of Job.

Third Sermon of Life to the Bitter Soul

You have to admit it’s stunning. Job’s teeth had fallen out. His breath stunk. His fingers were rotting away while using them to scrape out his sores. And this only after his wealth had gone up in smoke and his kids had been taken from him in a personal holocaust. And then the Lord shows up to him in a storm. It's stunning. Listen in below to find out why. 

Second Sermon of Life to the Bitter Soul

Life doesn’t add up. That’s sure how it looks. Grasping that by experience is one of the more painful experiences in life. When you wake up in the morning with that pit in your stomach and you're unable to deny life doesn’t seem right. When you head to the ER with your heart in your mouth or when you sit alone with your feelings and everything’s not looking ok. When your hope-filled innocence is stolen from you in a cascade of unforeseen and unfortunate events. When you grasp irreparably, unmistakably, irretrievably that life doesn’t seem to add up, here's how to respond in faith. Listen in below!

First Sermon of Life to the Bitter Soul

You don’t have to know that Satan went out and immediately erased job’s entire net worth. Nor do you have to know that he also assassinated all of Job’s kids. You don’t have to know that to ask why. Why, God? Why would you let Satan off his leash like this? Is it because you lack power or love? We were unable to capture audio of this sermon on Job 1:6-12. Here's a link to be able to read it.

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