Education is essential at Peace. We couldn't imagine life without it because learning takes away the ignorance that separates us from God. To accomplish this, Peace offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for all ages. We cover a broad scope of topics, and we are always willing to talk about your questions. 

Spiritual wisdom doesn't come simply from more facts or better logic - in fact, unlike every other kind of wisdom, it doesn't come from anything you do. Spiritual wisdom comes from God, and you get it by challenging your thinking with his truth and his words.

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Peace Academy is the spiritual growth component at Peace. It often follows worship on Sunday mornings. Something God told us through the Apostle Peter is to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (2 Peter 3:18) Peace Academy is our way of doing that. Look for excellent, pastor led sessions of rich gospel teaching and mining of scriptural content. Find the current or next session of Peace Academy here. Also consider jumping into Peace 101. Peace 101 is the most basic building block of Peace Academy and another great place to grow in grace and knowledge.

Click here for presentation notes and audio content of the latest Peace Academy.

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Peace Kidz is our spiritual growth component for kids. It is our equivalent to Sunday School. It is offered at the same place and time as Peace Academy for adults. Peace aims to be a place where the whole family can grow!

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Peace 101 is your next step at Peace once you've become convinced you want to know more. It is a pastor led chance to learn the basics of the gospel, grow in faith, and seek membership at Peace. It is specifically a place to learn the different facets of the gospel that Jesus died to win, to become more certain of what it means for your life, and to grow in your faith. It's also the most basic class in Peace Academy. We're always ready to get you into Peace 101. Sign-up below!

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Peace wants to develop 21st century leaders for a 22nd century church. Through the Peace Leadership Institute, we are looking to raise up committed mentors, future elders, Sunday School directors, growth group facilitators, evangelists, and many other kinds of leaders - people who can meet the changing needs of our church and community with the truth of the Word.

If you have a huge heart for God's people and a deep desire to serve them, please click here or on the PLI icon to learn more about Peace Leadership Institute.

Regular semesters of classes will be offered in PLI to forward God's mission at Peace and in this community. Watch here for the classes to appear.