The Hills are Alive!


The Hills are Alive!

(A Sermon Based On Isaiah 55:6-13)

The ancients talked about something called acedia. They understood it as one of the great sins. We don't call it acedia anymore, but we do call it things. Sometimes we call it boredom. Other times we call it spiritual lethargy. Still other times we call it dullness in life or a season of spiritual dryness. It shows up in our lives in lots of different ways. Sometimes it’ll have you mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Other times it’ll have you pleasure seeking to feel alive through sex or some form of lust. Still other times it’ll have you being more like a drone at work or at church than being a human. There, but not really living. Still other times it’ll have you flipping on your favorite political talking head honestly not because you really need the information to live for God, but because you want to feel something - anything - even if it's just plain mad. God calls us to leave that evil behind and live. Here's God's truth on how to do that.

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