Your Thing That Isn't a Thing

The Fifth Sermon in a Series called Romans The Gospel According to Paul Based on Romans 6:1-11

You've got your thing and I've got my thing, but we've all got our thing. It might be a thing that you want to get rid of. Like your fear. Or your anxiety. Or your depression. Or your people pleasing. Or your money spending habits. Those things could be your thing. Or it might be a thing you want that you know you shouldn’t have, but it still compels you. It still drives you. It’s a thing that you think you need to have to be happy. To be satisfied. To be ok. You know – your thing. It might be – how can this be put delicately? – a certain need that you have. Or your personal success however you define it. Or your respect. Or your financial security. Or the admiration of your peers. Or nicer stuff. You know your thing. Your thing that you don’t really want to tell anybody about. The thing that makes you feel and do things out of kilter and out of order. The thing that is broken and busted and off about you. This is a sermon about freedom from that thing. Listen in and live free!

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