Your One Great Thought and God

The First Sermon in a Series called Romans: The Gospel According to Paul Based on Romans 3:21-28

There is a thought you’ve lived with your whole life. A thought that as a child made you cry or ask for a hug from your mom when you knew you did wrong. A thought that just ravaged you as a teenager. It had you constantly checking the way you look in the mirror. A thought that had you evaluating yourself according to whatever you thought others were looking for in you: a cool factor, or a friend factor, an athletic factor, or perhaps a beauty factor. A thought that drives you as a young adult to curate your on-line presence, get after your Instagram, or share obsessively on Facebook. A thought that still drives you just in different ways as you mature into older adulthood. Perhaps it makes you fantasize about a fling with another woman. Or it relentlessly drives you toward greater success and productiveness, or neatness and order, or whatever it is that you care to do well. This is a sermon about how God deals with that one great thought that you've lived with for so long.

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