Peace wants to develop 21st century leaders for a 22nd century church. Depending on the almighty power and grace of God as long as this earth endures, Peace wants to be a powerful voice of the gospel in Aiken. We have a vision not just to be a young church plant, but to be a powerful church oak. This requires faithful pastors, but it also requires powerful laity. Through the Peace Leadership Institute, we are looking to raise up committed mentors, future elders, Sunday School directors, growth group facilitators, evangelists, and many other kinds of leaders - people who can meet the changing needs of our church and community with the truth of the Word. The Peace Leadership Institute plans to do that by:

  • Offering next-level doctrinal teaching so that a participant can not only grasp the rudiments of the faith, but also is evangelically committed to its deepest doctrines too
  • Offering practical takes on evangelism, Christ-centered teaching, music ministry, and various other ministries to souls
  • Offering historical looks at the world-wide church today that enable the leader to apply truth to someone coming out of a different theological background with the result that clarity is gained, a soul receives truth, and God is glorified

We ask that everyone who is interested in PLI to:

  • Be a member of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Regularly attend Peace Academy
  • Make every effort to be a part of a Growth Group
  • Have a huge heart for God's people and a deep desire to serve them

Regular semesters of classes will be offered in PLI to forward God's mission at Peace and in this community. Watch here for the classes to appear.