Our Pastor


Pastor | Jonathan Bourman

Ever since he can remember Jonathan wanted to a be a pastor. He can never actually recall not wanting to be one. He even attended a high school to start on that path called Luther Preparatory School. He continued his studies for the pastoral ministry at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN (class of 2004), where he received a Bachelor of Arts and, more importantly, met his bride, Melanie Bourman. Upon graduation he did his graduate work at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity in 2008. Upon graduation, he pastored a large church called Trinity Lutheran in Brillion, WI for about six years before he was called to be the planting pastor of Peace in Aiken, SC in 2014. He is a blogger, writer for a national periodical called Forward in Christ, commentator on a podcast called The Notable, a formal mentor of other pastors, and an informal support for fellow church planters. He is currently working toward his doctor of ministry degree. 

He enjoys running, reading, hanging out with his wife and daughter and being in South Carolina in general. Mostly though, he just wants to love other people, invest in those relationships, and hold to the promises of Jesus with them.