Communicating Peace

For quite some time, Peace has had a vision to communicate through art its mission to bring real peace to real people. In the interest of that, we nailed down three Scriptures that we wanted to enable people to “see” through art. We chose Luke 2:13-14 when the angels proclaimed, “Peace on earth”; Mark 4:39 when Jesus commanded the storm on the Sea of Galilee “Peace. Be still.”; and John 20:19-20 when Jesus said to the disciples after his resurrection, “Peace be with you.” Next, we commissioned artist, Jason Jaspersen, to begin doing the work.


Jason went to work. Using archival paper and India ink he drew for us an image of the angelic announcement at Jesus’ birth. The piece is 22” tall and 60” wide.

The artist writes about the piece:

I made this ink drawing to put you in the middle of events from Luke 2. It's designed to work as a continuous loop. Notice also that characters appear several times in the same space. This simultaneous action is a visual storytelling method borrowed from medieval Europe and India. It allows one place to host different points in time.


I encourage you to think about the piece in a number of ways.

1) It moves from the angelic announcement to the birth of Jesus to the flight to Egypt, but it doesn't stop there. See if you can find the cross and the empty tomb, which finally resolves the whole piece.

2) Think about the way the artist organizes the storytelling. He's trying to set a center for the entire piece. What is it? And why?

3) Decide to come back to the piece. I see new things in the piece every time I go back to it. There is a lot of subtle messaging that is faith giving when you think about it.

4) Remember that Christian art is not merely décor. It’s messaging. I say that because, finally, this piece isn’t about aesthetics as much as it’s about sharing Jesus and his identity, the Prince of Peace, with us. God came to us in Christ. He is our peace. This piece is for him and for his glory and it’s my prayer that it will help you as it has helped me think on that truth ever more deeply.

The artist created this video from this piece and features the music of Koine. Enjoy!

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