Jesus, The Exorcist

Demons can't stand it when people live together in community, specifically Word of God community.  So, most demonic activity according to the experts happens in North and South Dakota.  When I first heard this, it shocked me, but it makes a ton of sense because that is where we find demons in the Scriptures most often.  They are always out there in desolate places and driving the demoniacs there with them.

This coming Sunday, we will take a look at Luke 8:26-39.  We will see Jesus save the unsaveable.  We will hear Jesus tell this same man to go home to community and there to retell the great acts of God.  We intend to do that same thing this Sunday.  Please join us in the only place where demons shriek in terror - right in the holy presence of Jesus, his Word, and the community that he founded.

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