On Mission.

It's been said that first impressions are everything.  I'd have to think about that a bit more to decide if I agree with that completely or not.  What I do believe is undisputed is that first impressions are important.  And they don't take long to form either.  In the home buy experience some say that people make a decision about a house within seconds of entering it.  It's not so different with people.  It literally takes seconds for a person to come to some observations and get an impression of another person.  There's fun, challenge, and adventure in that.  There are downsides to it too in my experience, but not so far in my experience at Peace Lutheran.

We've talked.  We've laughed.  We've gone out for dinner or coffee and even gone to church together.  I've appreciated that I never got the impression from anyone that "We just need to get this whole meet and greet thing done with." It's just been good.  And, honestly, my family and I needed that.  Parachuting in from a distant, different place leaves a person wondering how they'll be accepted.  But from our perspective it's gone so well that we're hoping first impressions really are everything.  

And now comes the fun and the challenging part.  Now we start to live life together, care about each other, and get on mission together.  That's what tomorrow night's meeting will be covering.  We're going to start talking about what we're going to be all about and begin to get a grasp on how we might do it.  I hope you can tell I'm excited.  See you tomorrow!

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